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Revelation TV: Is defeat in Afghanistan the end of the US empire?

However we Westerners understand America leaving Afghanistan, most of the world will see it as a lack of resolve on our part. They will see this weakness. And that means that the forces of evil will be emboldened to step up their fight to bring down America.

Moreover, the way we are leaving that country - i.e., fleeing Afghanistan and abandoning those Afghan citizens who threw their lot in with America - shows the world that what the late Professor Bernard Lewis often said about American foreign policy is true. "We have shown ourselves to be an unreliable ally and a harmless enemy."

Adding insult to injury, Pres. Biden announced that we will leave on September 11, 2021, - on the 20th anniversary of the day that the fanatic/radical Muslims flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Biden's team's choice of this date means, in the eyes of almost all the Muslim world, that the Muslim extremists defeated America, the greatest power in the world. This will encourage these evil forces to step up their attacks on the West elsewhere. In 1988-1989, they defeated and brought down the Soviet Union. Now they will have defeated the greatest power on Earth. Will they succeed in bringing America down as well?

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